Coronavirus Update

Dear Guest,

Effective Wednesday 6/15/21, New York State has updated guidance regarding COVID-19 restrictions as follows:

“The State’s health guidance and New York Forward industry specific guidelines—including social gathering limits, capacity restrictions, social distancing, cleaning and disinfection, health screening, and contact information for tracing—are now optional.”

Unvaccinated individuals continue to be responsible for wearing masks, in accordance with federal CDC guidance. Consistent with the State’s implementation of the recent CDC guidance, masks are still required for unvaccinated individuals.

Our staff is following these guidelines and we respectfully request you do as well. If you are not yet fully vaccinated, please help protect our staff, other guests, and yourself by wearing your mask except while seated and eating.

Your patience and willingness to collaborate on solutions as we successfully navigated the COVID crisis over the last 15 months is truly outstanding.


Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen